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Grid-connected PV System

Solar plant produces and supplies electricity to 
the public grid, thus reducing the general power by sending surplus power into the public grid.

A solar cell to a single-family house is typically 2-6 kW solar power equivalents to 20-45 m2   solar cells.

Today, it is a good business to install a solar power plant. Prices of solar power have fallen dramatically in the last few years, now makes   solar PV repayable within 8 years.

2kW PV systems today can be acquired for under 50,000R excl. mounting costs.

What is a solar cell and how is it produced. See more on this video.

 Video about Solar Cells
The increasingly green, South African Stop dårlige solcellerhomeowners at risk both inefficient solar cells and damaged roofs, if they buy too cheap plants installed without roof structure calculations, is the warning from a number of professional organizations in the photovoltaic field.

Clevertec Solar Photovoltaic 

We provide both parts and complete solutions to our store where solar panels, mounting materials and inverters are included.

As a wholesaler, we help our distributors to calculate and find the best possible solution for the customer.

As a customer you are welcome to contact us for questions and further information about Photo voltaic plant.

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We can here also help you find the nearest dealer for a FREE consultant visits.

Super quality solar cells
we can offer prices now
only R. 13,95 pr. Watt
excl. vat and installation

See here example on  Complete Solar Panells  
Gulrandet investering i solceller

Price drop and new deduction makes Solar power a gold investment
in just ten years, a solar pay for itself again. In the remaining 20 years of life, the owner can look forward to a profit of several hundred thousand rand. Therefore growing market exceed at least 50 percent.



Our producer of solar panels

Alex Solar to produce our panels is now up to produce solar cells of more than 1000 Mega Watts annually, solely on the production of solar panels.

Video from Alex Solar Production

We use different inverter from e.g.
Danfoss, Kostal Pico and Fronius.

Video from Danfoss project on 80MW

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